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If you have had unprotected sex and suspect you might be pregnant, Aspire is a great place to start. 
We know that if you are a student or a minor, an unexpected pregnancy can be a difficult time. We're here to provide a safe place for you to find answers and process your options. You can share your story, including your concerns in a caring, private environment.
Our pregnancy services are available at no cost to you.

pregnancy options

As you consider your pregnancy choices, we can help you answer three important questions.

Am I pregnant?

Is the pregnancy viable – that is, is the pregnancy in the uterus and is there a heartbeat?

How far along am I?

A nurse consultation is available to discuss your medical questions and concerns. 


Check out our pregnancy signs and symptoms online test to see if you need to come in. 

Text, call, or make an appointment online. It's fast, easy, and completely confidential.

Pregnant in School?

We provide free pregnancy confirmation appointments, options consultations, and free resources for students.


No shame. No judgment. Just the care and support you need.

For Students. For You.

You are Not alone

If you are a student and think you may be pregnant, you are not alone. We serve students all over the Lakes Region with compassion, care, and no-cost pregnancy services.

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