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is adoption right for me?

Adoption is not something suitable for every situation and person,  but it is an option to consider during an unexpected pregnancy. Aspire will help in providing you the information you need while you decide if adoption is right for you. 


We can help you explore the options available to you from the type of plan to the type of family you want your child to have. Some of the different types of adoption plans include but are not limited to open, semi-open and closed. When you the birth mom makes an adoption plan, she and the birth father can both choose a family for the child and choose their own future.


In many cases, financial assistance for medical and living expenses is available for the birth mother, along with many other benefits.


Make an appointment today to confirm your pregnancy and learn more about all your pregnancy options so you can make a fully informed choice.

ADoption resources for birth parents

You may be wondering if you can make an adoption plan without the father’s consent, have questions if you are a minor, or need information about the adoption laws in New Hampshire. At Aspire, we can help answer some of those questions for you. 

We can help connect you with adoption agencies who are experts in the laws of the states that they are working with. They should help you understand your rights, the rights of the other parent, time-frames of when things can be done, and the finality of your decision.


We provide free pregnancy confirmation appointments, options consultations, and adoption referrals.


Most services are no-cost

DISCLAIMER: We provide information on adoption and pregnancy options. We also provide free ultrasounds so you can determine how far along you are and consultations with our medical staff. Aspire Women's Center is not an adoption agency and does not benefit from any decision you choose.

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