Are Hook-ups Pro-Woman?

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Casual sex and hook-up culture often claim to be pro-woman and a form of female empowerment, but is this true? As we dig deeper into the effects of casual sex, we become more aware of the specific ways hook-ups can make women emotionally and physically vulnerable. Let’s unpack this below. 

Hook-ups Can Make Women Feel Emotionally Vulnerable

Feelings of regret, loneliness, and a lack of fulfillment often follow casual sex. Why is this the case? Neuroscience teaches us that sex is like superglue. Although it brings pleasure, it also creates a powerful emotional bond between two people. When a couple has sex, Oxytocin is released in their brains, which promotes trust and bonding (the same chemical is released in a woman when she gives birth or breastfeeds). This means an emotional bond is being forged between the duo, whether they choose it or not. When the hook up ends, an emotional attachment is present, but a lasting commitment is not.